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Varanasi Travel

Also referred to as Kashi or Benares, this Holy Hindu Centre of learning on the banks of river Ganges claims to be one of the oldest living cities in the world..

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Places of Interests in Varanasi :
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» Varanasi Ghats - Golden Assi, Bachraj, Shivala, Meer, Ahalya Bai & Dasaawamedh
» Durga Temple
» Tulsi Manas Temple
» Benaras Hindu University
» New Vishwanath Temple
» Ram Nagar Fort & Museum

Special Attractions of Varanasi :
» Vishwanath Temple : The most sacred temple in the Varanasi city dedicated to Lord Shiva has a golden plating on the towers.

» Ghats of Varanasi : The string of steps leading down to river Ganges are a unique place to observe countless pilgrims performing various religious activities.

Vishwanath Temple - Varanasi» Sunrise boat ride on river Ganges :

» » Buddha Purnima festival in May at Sarnath :

Excursions :
» Sarnath Buddhist Pilgrimage Centre
» Jaunpur Mosques
» Allahabad Sangam

How to Reach Varanasi :
Daily flights are available from Delhi, Mumbai Lucknow, Agra , Khajuraho & Calcutta. There are regular flights to Kathmandu(Nepal) also. Buses, taxis and luxury coaches are available from Delhi, Allahabad, Lucknow, Faizabad and Gorakhpur. The city of Varanasi is well connected by rail to Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai and other Indian cities.
Lawrence Travels And Tours Private Limited Lawrence Travels And Tours Private Limited
Best time to Visit Varanasi :
The best seasons to visit Varanasi is some where between October to March.

Agra   |   Allahabad   |   Varanasi

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Incredible India
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