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Italy Tour

Italy TourFlavours of Italy (6 Nights / 7 Days)
Rome – Florence - Venice


Italy TourFlavours of Italy with Swiss Marvel (8 Nights / 9 Days)
Rome – Venice – Interlaken – Lucerne – Zurich.


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About Italy

Italy TourRome, the Eternal City, with its unique and fascinating history, its thousand churches, palaces and fountains; Rome, where behind every corner and building lies a secret to be discovered, a legend to be told, history to be revealed, welcomes you.

Rome, the city that inspired poets and writers, philosophers and politicians, popes, and kings, travelers and students, is ready to embrace you and to charm you with its warmth, its friendly smile, its great food and its magic.

Florence : Florence is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in Italy and the world. It gave to birth many of the men who have more profoundly influenced the course of human history in every field of knowledge, art, literature and philosophy. Most of the world artistic patrimony is believed to be here, in Florence. Florentia, the city of flowers was the place where the Renaissance grew and anticipated Enlightenment and thus Modernity as a whole. Florence is reached every day by crowds of visitors who, in the attempt of seeing the city in only few days, are often overwhelmed by the huge amount of beauty and culture that the simple walking around its ancient streets imposes to every eye. Probably, a life dedicated entirely to the study of this unique city would not be sufficent to deepen the subject exhaustively enough. Surely, it is not possible to explain properly every monument, painting or concept originated from this fascinating city with a web site. We have tried to offer a preview, to those interested in coming and seeing for them selves, introducing the subjects we believed more interesting but aware of the fact that every topic we discussed might be deepened enormously and only with years of hard study and sharp observation.

Venice : The city of Venice, Italy is simply stunning and completely unique. Founded more than 1,500 years ago on 117 different islands, Venice is linked by a series of over 150 canals, 400 bridges and many ancient pavements. The historic city centre of Venice is divided into six quarters (sestieri) - Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Marco, San Polo and Santa Croce. All buildings in Venice are supported on slender oak and pine piles (posts) which are driven deep into the ground to create a solid foundation. As the soil is waterlogged, with no free oxygen, the piles remain strong and do not decay.

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa
This is the monument that, among the others of the "Piazza dei Miracoli", stirs the imagination of everybody, from the old to the young. Firstly we like to give you some information and events regarding its long history. The construction of this imposing mass was started in the year 1174 by Bonanno Pisano. When the tower had reached its third storey the works ceased because it had started sinking into the ground. The tower remained thus for 90 years. It was completed by Giovanni di Simone, Tommano Simone (son of Andreo Pisano), crowned the tower with the belfry at half of 14th century.

The top of the Leaning Tower can be reached by mounting the 294 steps which rise in the form of a spiral on the inner side of the tower walls.

This very famous work is of Romanesque style, and as already stated dates back to the year 1174. Cylindrical in shape it is supplied whit six open galleries. A cornice separates these galleries one from the other and each presents a series of small arches fitted on the capitals of the slender columns. In the base there is a series of big blind arcades with geometrical decorations. In the belfry there is the same design of arcades as that of the base, with the difference that here, there are, apart from the reduced proportions, the housings of the bells.

Tour of Murano, Burano & Torcello :
Here, you can admire expert glass-makers at work in a real glass factory. Leaving Murano, you arrive, further to the north, at Burano which is a fishermen’s island with brightly-coloured houses and which, still today, is famous for the handicraft production of lace, the technique for which is inspired by the weaving of the fishing nets. Finally you go to the nearby Torcello, where time seems to have stood still. The island is now almost uninhabited, covered by a rich typical vegetation of the lagoon. The island still has the lagoon’s oldest monument, the majestic Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta and Attila’s famous throne.

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